Our Approach

Pro Management and Associates is committed to creating any memorable experience for our clients. The candidates we provide will correspond with your needs and current opportunities. This approach will allow you to obtain qualified and management candidate pools every time to select from. Pro Management and Associates is founded and built on effective communication & correspondence between client and candidates throughout the process. We pride ourselves on effective relationship building with our customers and our applicants’. These two things in combination is what our companies’ culture is all about. Effective communication and correspondence along with effective relationship building also develops not only the most important attribute to our business but to any business really…TRUST

We take the time to understand your business goals, company culture, and specific job requirements by really LISTENING to you. Pro Management and Associates has a team of dedicated professionals that will match the correct candidate to your establishment by examining your current needs and desires that you have for the position. We specialize in evaluating, identifying and placing not just “warm bodies” in your establishment but placing leaders with great talent there instead.

We don’t just focus on success, we focus on long term success for our clients. This means placing valuable, loyal, honest, hard-working, and goal oriented professionals into your establishment. We all know that finding a candidate that fits all of these characteristics sometimes seems impossible but with our help nothing is impossible.

Why PMA?

In the world of the hospitality industry sometimes business seems like a puzzle, make your management team your pieces. Here at Pro Management and Associates we find those candidates that will fit your puzzle in just the way YOU need them too.

“We do not produce acceptable results, we produce exceptional ones.”

The fee for an Executive search is based on a percentage of of the starting base salary, and is paid by the client if a candidate is hired.

Guarantee: We guarantee to replace a candidate for any reason if they leave prior to the agreed upon date. This process will take place immediately after candidates departure and is of no cost to the client.


  • Robert Caldwell Consultant at Southeastern Entertainment Restaurant Group

    “ I've known Kevin for nearly 20 Years (first worked for him nearly 20 years ago). I've seen him as the Go-To Operator for for Growth Companies as well as for companies behind the 8-Ball; Fast Casual concepts, Casual Fine Dining Concepts, and everything in between. Through Kevin's Operations experience, he has developed the ability to not only filter for great talent, but...more April 7, 2015, Robert was with another company when working with Kevin at Pro Management & Associates

  • Warren Duncan Regional Manager at Logan's Roadhouse

    “ I have worked with Kevin over the past 10 years with both sourcing candidates and job search. He is always thorough in the screening process and insures that the fit for the candidate is the right one. Kevin is very personable and keeps both sides up to date on each step through the process. Whenever I have a "hard need" I know I can go to Kevin and he will get the job done. July 17, 2013, Warren was Kevin's client

  • Lisa Murray Market Partner at Pei Wei Asian Diner

    “ I had the opportunity to work with Kevin as a recruiting partner at Brinker International in Texas for seven years. Kevin takes the time to connect with his clients. He has the ability to identify the strengths that will make a canidate successful in their new position. During the time we worked together Kevin placed many successful managers with Brinker International and...more January 14, 2013, Lisa was with another company when working with Kevin at Pro Management & Associates

  • Mike Boettcher President & Lead Recruiter, Smart Move Recruiting, 5500+ Restaurant Professional Connections

    “ Kevin is a top flight recruiter focused on achieving a win for both the client and the candidate. He has many years of experience in working with all levels of management recruiting. His personal and professional approach makes all parties involved feel like they are getting the best possible service on their search. He helps his clients immediately and searches for just...more January 14, 2013, Mike was with another company when working with Kevin at Pro Management & Associates

  • David Allen Dallen Group

    “ It has been my pleasure to have known Kevin over the last 10 years. I have worked with him both as a candidate looking for a new opportunity and now with him as a mentor. His integrity is impeccable. Kevin's connections with people in a one- on -one relationship, is nothing short of spectacular. I appreciate what he has done for me in the past and look forward to working...more January 10, 2013, David was with another company when working with Kevin at Pro Management & Associates

  • Beth Stockmoe Market Partner for Pei Wei Asian Diner

    “ I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin over the last few years and have hired a number of talented people from Pro Mangement. Kevin takes the time to know his candidates and clients and matches the talent with the need. He is more concerned with building long term relationships than with just placing people for immediate gratification. I can always trust that Kevin...more November 28, 2012, Beth was Kevin's client

  • Barbara Edwards Training Manager - Texas Land and Cattle Steak House

    “ I have know Kevin for over 8 years. He has found and placed many talented people with the companies I have worked for. He has a deep understanding of this industry. With this knowledge he is able to place candidates with companies that fit both the clients needs and will allow the candidate to grow. I look to Kevin whenever I need a top managers for one of my restaurants. April 30, 2012, Barbara was Kevin's client

  • Kirk Williamson AD at Chili's

    “ “I highly recommend Kevin as a recruiter and a business partner. He is ethical, fair and a pleasure to work. Kevin has always been keenly interested in providing me the highest quality management candidates for the 9+ years we have worked together. I can trust Kevin to maintain the standards we have set for our management applicants and he cares a lot about making his...more April 27, 2012, Kirk was Kevin's client

  • Mike Sebazco COO at Valley-Dynamo

    “ Kevin is plugged in to a terrific network of top notch hospitality industry people and has been for many years. He is genuinely committed to finding the right environment for his candidates while ensuring that they are a fit with our organization. He takes the time to not just screen the applicants, but to know them, what drives them and how they like to be managed. Due to...more March 27, 2012, Mike was Kevin's client

  • Bob Alexander Regional Recruiter with Hard Rock International

    “ Simply stated, Kevin is an outstanding business partner. I have known and worked w/ Kevin for the past 10 years and I am comfortable stating that he operates with the highest level of integrity. Kevin only represents talent and individuals that he feels are not only qualified, but that he senses are honest. I work with very few recruiters; however I highly recommend Kevin...more February 27, 2012, Bob was Kevin's client